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Covid-19  New INFO:

We are asking during this difficult time, ANY client's booking an appointment, Please bring & wear a mask when coming into the hair studio. It is imperative that you do this to protect yourself and our stylist/staff. We will also be taking precautions by wearing mask and continuing to clean & sanitize after each service. This is Not a new thing for Lady A's, being that we have worked by appointments and take pride in  following state board regulations for maintaining clients and staff safety for over 10 years. At this time the Owner has decided to implement  Some changes to  services to help reduce the  time frame  that clients can be in the studio. You may notice some smaller braiding services will NOT be available to book. **Also We will NOT be allowing walk In services as usual. However, you can call and see if a same day booking slot is open, but you will need to pay a deposit. We will be doing our best to get scheduled clients in and out.  Our deposit policy, schedule changes and NO REFUND POLICY still stands. ONLY BOOK IF YOUR SURE OF MAKING YOUR APPOINTMENT extra guest are NOT allowed to sit and wait in the lobby at this time. If the client is a small child ages 4-6 only one parent will be able to sit in the waiting area. We are trying to minimize clients crossing so its also important that clients are on time for their appointments, We will be only accepting a limited amount of clients per day, until things improve or less people are being affected. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask that clients please be understanding and be patient with us during this uncertain time. We are praying for everyone to be safe and hope to see this pass through soon without any more lives loss. However, God controls outcomes, We determine our decisions, so remember Control is Gods weight! Be safe.

Note to All Parents: We are asking parents if you have to bring a small child with you please DO NOT ALLOW kids to tear magazines, spin, play on stylist chairs or run in the salon. We want to provide a nice, safe & comfortable place for all of our clients.

ANYONE NOT BEING SERVICED: Needs to Wait in the waiting area please. Friends or parents are not allowed to sit beside client or stand over and watch stylist while working. Standing in the stylist working area is UNACCEPTABLE.

CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: If you are over 10 min. Behind your appointment time we can charge a $15 LATE FEE. (After 15 min) we have the right to reschedule or refuse service if it conflicts into another clients appointment (and you will still be charged a fee.)

"WE'RE AN APPOINTMENT BASED SALON" and must stick by a strict schedule and we must honor all clients time and schedule. We know things happen but please be respectful of others time and call ahead. Thank You!!! Mrs. April 

EVERY WEDNESDAY!! First come first serve if time permits..not all services can be guaranteed.
Please remember Appointments are still first.


We  now charge a $75 instead of $50 non-refundable deposit to book  appointments Everything else is the same.
NOTE: Any services on our price list that's priced under $75 dollars will require the total amount to be paid at the time of booking. Which for that service will serve as a none refundablenone transferable deposit. If you cancel your appointment  or don't show either way, you will NOT receive your deposit back under any circumstances. The deposits are put in place because we are an appointment based hair studio. Our Policy  helps us to prevent too many no shows or people wasting  our time, or slots other clients could have booked . It does not matter if you cancel 24-72 hrs ahead of time, we do not refund deposits. However, if you have an emergency or any other circumstance preventing you from making the appointment and you contact us by phone (leaving a voice mail, even if we're closed) and emailing us >  within 72 hrs of your already scheduled appointment ( that's  3 days in advance, or talking to us during our business hours..

YOUR DEPOSIT WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM YOUR TOTAL THE DAY OF YOUR SERVICEAGAIN, we use the deposit because of the time frame that is blocked out for your specific appointment (sometimes between 2-6 hrs).   *TIME IS VERY IMPORTANT*.  We want to respect every clients time and stick to the set schedule. If there's a problem on our part and our stylist wasn't available for a client's appointment, then we will gladly REFUND your deposit back and fix the problem in that case. We do our best to keep appointments set and respect our clients time so we ask that clients also respect ours and respect our policy.


With you placing a deposit assures us that your serious about keeping your appointment. Please make sure you understand this before booking your appointment.. We understand that some people may not be comfortable placing a deposits over the phone or online. In such case you can stop in the studio during our business ours and pay in person. If you don't feel comfortable with paying a deposit in advance we understand, unfortunately we can not bend or change our policy to satisfy any client. The only other way to avoid paying the deposit is to come in on our walk in day which is Wednesday's, but understand that's not a guaranteed spot its first come first serve according to time permitted, and all clients with appointments will be done first. THIS IS OUR POLICY THERE'S NO REFUNDS ON DEPOSITS OR SERVICES OR PRODUCTS PURCHASED AT THE STUDIO. Thanks Lady A.

NOTE: We want to give each client the best treatment possible. So I am asking that all clients Show Up On Time for your appointment. Please call if running late. If your behind time by 10 min. and NO CALL, your appointment will be considered cancelled. If we can still fit you in we may have to charge a $15 LATE FEE. So PLEASE  just be on time. 


No Refunds or exchanges on hair products, hair weave or hair services.

Please Please Understand:

If you have ANY PROBLEMS with your hair service we will love to correct it. You must bring this to the stylist attention BEFORE leaving the studio. We will DO OUR BEST to work with any client regarding a hair service or issue while in the hair studio. But REMEMBERanything can happen to a clients hair after clients leave the salon which has nothing to do with the service/ work provided by the stylist nor salon  on the initial day of service. NOTE: That's our POLICY and we CAN'T be responsible for your hair after you leave SO MAKE SURE YOU DOUBLE CHECK YOUR HAIRSTYLE BEFORE YOU LEAVE. We are not being uncaring this is a friendly family business.  We understand that some people may get hairstyles which after completion and exiting the studio they may be influenced by others to change their hair style or cause some type of damage in the process after leaving. So here at Lady A's we take it upon ourselves to make sure that every customer leave's satisfied, happy, and confidant with the style they've chosen.UNDERSTAND** We stand behind our work and we know the quality of our work. We will consider all reasonable issue's if a mistake have been made on the stylist behalf BEFORE a client leaves the studio, we will make the adjustments with no problem. We are not perfect, mistakes can occur , but we strive to do our best at perfection so that we don't experience many issues. If a client received a braiding service at our studio, this being Box braids, cornrows, twist etc, please understand because you notice frizz, 3 days or a week later, it do not make that stylist or salon responsible. Every client is different when it comes to caring for their hair after a service. As long as the initial service was done correctly and verified by staff and the client the day of service,  the service was done correctly. Friction can be created from everyday wear, or depending on activities. Keep in mind, braids rub against chairs, car, clothes, sofa etc. and some softer textures can frizz faster than others, though  this rarely happens at our salon its important for people to know some natural strand can loosen from braids depending again on different things. You cannot expect to not see any frizz, even if your hair is tied at night..movement is normal. and Our clients usually notice very little frizz if any maybe around 4-5 weeks in depending on their activities and with the larger braids around 2-3 weeks but this can  vary.  Petty things will NOT be addressed. We will NOT offer free touch ups or redo because of something like that. Wrapping your hair helps to minimize frizz and also taking precautions of covering hair properly before showering, exercising etc. will help. We are NOT responsible for your hair after its done. We offer touch up services to also help with new growth and frizz issues and our clients hair usually have minimum frizz after 5-6 weeks so we are well aware of how our braids last with over 20 years of braiding experience here. We try our best to prevent these issues as much as possible but some things are just normal and once a client leaves we have no way to keep up with what your doing to the style. We do a service for you, NO REFUNDS.  Please address all your concerns regarding your hair or any issues with stylist or owner Before Leaving The Hair Studio. If you state that your "satisfied" before leaving, then that's what we go by at all times , If your not satisfied  will try to help fix the issue if it can be done, You still accepted and received a  service . FOR EXAMPLE: If you ask for small braids that's what we will do, if you want medium that's what we will do and show you an example, but if you leave and decide you want a different size or hairstyle, or it don't look how you thought it would on you etc,  that's not on the stylist nor company that you had a change of heart. We will do what you ask and confirm the size before starting on your hair and allow you a time to look in the mirror. some requested services have to be altered depending on your hair type, length, thin area etc, so please keep that in mind. Also Our sizing may vary from other salons so be sure to ask us about our sizing we will be glad to show you before starting, you can also send pictures for reference before booking with us , or view our up to date pictures on google, that way there's no issues between us nor with the style selected. At LADY A'S BRAIDS & WEAVES STUDIO we will always do our best to help in any way that we can. 

Cornrow Braids, Kinky Twist, Box braids, Weave & other Hair Care INFORMATION 

 Note: Some cornrow braids can last up to 2 weeks. Some people choose to leave their hair up for 3 weeks. If your hair is in Cornrow Braids you can Shampoo your hair. It's better to Shampoo and Condition your hair while in the shower doing this make's it easier for water to run through your scalp. Gently run your fingers down the parts of your Braids with Diluted Shampoo. Don't scratch with nails or rub Braids to ruff this can cause damage to your scalp and your Braids will become Frizzy. After rinsing Shampoo from hair and scalp use a small amount of Conditioner in the palms of your hands and gently rub through Braids, if you have a spray solution its better / Rinse then towel Blot hair Do Not Rub. It's okay to Lightly blow dry your hair and then allow to Air dry but you do not want to leave hair to Air Dry Alone because it could Mildew or have a Sour smell if not dried Completely. Blow dry on warm heat but not too Hot, be sure to use  a Light Oil or some  heat protection such as, Lady April's amethyst oil,  before blow drying..after that you can apply olive oil or coconut oil either  is great on the scalp to prevent dryness. If your in need of a great product that works, feel free to try our shop brand, Lady April's minty Olive-growth oil, it's Great and sold exclusively in our hair studio! These methods can also be used if you have any Individual Braids, Box braids or Kinky Twist and weaves Or other protective styles.  Remember You can always choose to come to the shop for your Touch Ups / Shampoo's and Conditions or Hair Treatment needs. We WILL BE GLAD TO ASSIST YOU!!! If you have Kinky Twist or Box Braids remember it's Okay to wash your Braids every 2 weeks, some ladies wash once a week if they sweat a lot in the head. Keeping your Braids clean helps for Healthier Hair and easier take down as well!  Now keep in mind, weekly washers will need touch ups a little  faster. Keeping your Braids Moisturized is very Important especially with Extension Hair added in. Our NEW AND IMPROVED Lady April Leave In moistur-grow Conditioning Spray has been formulated to help aid clients with the perfect mixture for adding moisture, shine, strength and protection to their hair. Some clients also use it as a detangler to work through natural strands! If you find it hard to wash your weave please book and we will help you maintain your sew in. 

**Remember its very imperative that clients come in On time for touch up treatments**

 We recommended  coming in between 5-6 weeks after initial protective style is installed)  by following this plan you will prevent breakage or damage and help  us with keeping your hair clean, refreshed, moisturized, healthy and strong while wearing your protective style and after removing your protective style. If you choose large box braids or Havana style you may need to come in between 3-4 weeks to keep your style up. We don't allow  No more than 1-2 touch up's services, depending on style  before requiring clients to do a total take down and  redo.  We will be no longer be  offering touch ups services to clients that was not serviced at our shop. Lastly, this is very important..IF YOU DECIDE TO TAKE DOWN YOUR HAIR FROM ANY PROTECTIVE SERVICE, For Example, BOX BRAIDS,TWIST OR WEAVES ETC. YOU HAVE TO COMPLETELY DETANGLE YOUR NATURAL HAIR FIRST.  AFTER REMOVING THE EXTENSION HAIR. COMB YOUR HAIR ALL THE WAY  THROUGH REMOVING ANY HAIR THAT NORMALLY SHEDS DURING THE TIME YOUR STYLE WAS UP.  STARTING FROM  THE ENDS UP. YOU SHOULD NOT PROCEED TO WASH HAIR BEFORE COMBING COMPLETELY THROUGH, BECAUSE YOUR HAIR CAN AND WILL BECOME MATTED AND THUS CAUSING BREAKAGE AND MORE WORK ON YOURSELF CAUSING A  DIFFICULT TAKE DOWN. WE WILL BE HAPPY TO HELP YOU WITH TAKE DOWN SERVICES, IF THIS IS AN ISSUE FOR YOU. IF YOU DECIDE TO TAKE IT DOWN YOURSELF THAT'S TOTALLY FINE JUST PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME AND TAKE YOUR HAIR DOWN PROPERLY. THE SAME APPLIES FOR BONDING SERVICES, YOU SHOULD USE GLUE REMOVER AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THE SERVICE DO NOT ALWAYS CAUSE THE PROBLEM, MOST TIMES ITS THE WAY THE HAIR IS TAKEN DOWN.


Massage temple area with Lady April's  Minty olive-growth oil and/or  Everyday Miracle Treatment, then smooth edges if needed with Lady April's Edge ..then  tie edges down with a Silk Scarf  or wrap then  cover hair with a bonnet.

Ladies if you are wearing a Weave, it's  good to Braid your hair in a Loose Braid, or Twist or just Wrap your hair and tie your hair with a Satin Scarf / Bonnet before you sleep. Doing this routine helps to keep Hair HealthyLess Frizz, and prevents hair from Drying Out & Loosing Moisture. With any hair style it benefits clients to Wrap hair Before sleeping. Never sleep on Wet hair!!! If you are someone that have a hard time sleeping with your head Wrapped at night you can also invest in a Satin Pillowcase! Ladies if you wear a lace wig you can still use our Minty olive-growth oil, with the dropper you can get the oil down through the wig to your natural hair. One tip to boost hair growth  apply steam to your scalp by laying a warm towel over your head to open pores then proceed to drop the oil through, this truly works! But, Be careful not to apply the oil  too close to the front of your lace where the glue is so that you don't lift the lace with the oil. Also please be sure to take your hair vitamins and drink plenty of water! regular exercise  is important as well has deep conditioning treatments every 2-3 months. We offer treatments and trims when needed at our studio so let us help take care of  you, and your hair while we enhance your beauty!


Any Braiding or weaving service at our studio will require a $75deposit to hold appointments.  The Difference is paid on the Day Of your appointment. We Require deposits to prevent people from holding slots and NOT showing up. In a case where a client do NOT show up after paying His/Her deposit, the deposit will NOT be refunded to Him/Her due to our
NO REFUND POLICY. Even if you Call In and Cancel, it's Still a Cancellation so the deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.  (Please Keep Your Appointment). Paying deposits and booking can be handled  through our Website DirectlyBy Phone or In The Studio. Re-schedules are accepted one time on the same deposit, as long as the client calls in at least 2-3 days before their appointment, during business hours and reschedules within the same week of their initial appointment or early the following week. This re schedule plan  is put in place in case of emergencies or changes clients might experience that they cant prevent. Anything other than whats written here will not be accepted. The deposit will be lost in any other situation. No other exceptions. 

Clients are welcome to walk in for some services.  Wednesday's are one of our main walk in days, but aLady A's we prefer to work by Appointments in order to  Dedicate proper time needed for each client and Prevent Long Waits.  It's best to call ahead and check availability, we will see if a stylist can fit you in without compromising another client or service.

We try our best to be on time to start each appointment. Sometimes we can run into unexpected problems as any business can. If the clients tend to run behind it could push us behind on the next client.  We ask that clients always call if running behind or just to please be on time. If there is any reason we are behind schedule we will always give the next client a courtesy call or text explaining that we are behind and need to push them back a little. In that case, we will offer a discount off that clients service when they come in if need be, by manager approval. We do ask clients to be patient and respectful in that situation if this ever occurs, but its not often. Sometimes we work with young kids and we may be a little behind if they are not sitting well. We are as gentle as we can be with younger children. We do try our best to prevent situations such as these. Overall, we try not to have anyone sitting no longer than 10 -15 min of their initial appointment time. Usually your in the chair as soon as you come in or 5 min afterwards! 

We will not offer a service that we feel we cannot professionally do. We will  be honest up front and do our best to satisfy each client. At lady A's We hire  well qualified  hair stylists, that truly care about the growth of our clients hair along with beauty! 

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