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This company is family owned and operated. Our company was established by an experienced licensed hair weaving and braiding specialist Mrs. April. of Lady A's Studio.

Being a salon owner and having four daughters' hair to care for along with being a wife and mom failure is not an option! I have a desire and a passion to help people look and feel good!  Providing quality trusted products has to go with good service.  Working in the salon industry for many years and listening to the many needs of my clients also led to the development of our Fur'mae hair hairline. Customer service is very important to us so rest assured that the same great service we provide in our hair studio will display in our Hair company! So with first hand experience in hair we strive to only sell our customers the very best products on the market.  We are a growing company and still learning along the way so we appreciate your support and business. Our hairline is exclusively used and certified by Lady A's Braids & Weaves Studio LLC.

Thank You.

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Fur'mae Glamorous- Tape-ins Extensions
Fur'mae- Premium Raw Indian 

Fur'mae Glamorous- Body Wave

Fur'mae Glamorous- Straight

Fur'mae Glamorous- Kinky Curly
Fur'mae- Premium Raw Vietnum

Fur'mae Glamorous- Ocean Wave

Fur'mae Glamorous- Loose Deep
Fur'mae Glamorous- Light Blonde Bundles

"We're Da Business Baby!"

(8 Hair Care Tips for Fur'mae Hair Extensions & Caring for your Natural Hair )

1. Brush out the hair gently before washing. Brush softly to remove any tangles.
2. Sweat, Dirt  and sticky  products can cause tangles, you should  Always wash your hair regularly with a Rich Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner (Try Lady April Brand. ) 
3. Rinse with cool water when it is finished, then air dry bundles or wig on mannequin head to keep it's natural shape. Do Not Brush curly hair when its fully wet.
4. Gently brush the hair with a soft-bristled brush or a wide-tooth comb for preventing tangles after washing.
5. Spray the hair with leave-in conditioner. We recommend our Lady April (Moisture-Growth Leave In)  or  a similar light conditioner or silicon spray to help your hair stay Tangle-Free and moisturized. We recommend using a heat protectant on your bundles and natural hair when needed to protect from heat styling and sun damage. Remember Lady April's Amethyst oil works great for protection, adds shine and helps to tame frizzy hair. Our oil is a very thin light oil and a little of this product goes a long way!
6. Tie your hair up with a scarf or bonnet. This can be done before sleeping or exercising. 
7. In Between wearing any protective styling, it is imperative to get deep conditioning treatments and trims when needed. Also keep up your water and vitamins!  
8. Remember to treat and keep your natural hair moisturized and scalp oiled, while wearing any protective style such as wigs, weaves or braids , it's imperative to drink plenty of water and take your vitamins!  

Our Fur'mae Glamorous Extensions Hair Collection is 100% Unprocessed Natural Virgin Human Hair with cuticles in the same direction to prevent tangles, our hair has very minimal to no shedding. You can add Color Dye, Bleach, and it's Perm Safe. 
Guaranteed to last most people 10 months to a year or longer with proper care.

(All sales are final, No Refunds, Exchanges or Returns on Hair & Product's once ordered
 Thank You!!!

These products are exclusivley sold in our hair studio through our 7even 28ight Brnds store.

Lady April's- Hair Products & Body
Kash.K- Eyelash Collection
Here is a quick video which shows some of the process of making (Lady April's Professional Hair Care Products). At the moment these products are sold exclusively and can be purchased in person in the Lady A's Hair Studio. We make our own products from scratch so that we can assure that each ingredient is naturally designated towards conditioning and growing your hair. Many of our clients use these products and have experienced a significant amount of growth with their hair here at Lady A's. These products are 100% guaranteed to grow your hair and help with most scalp irritation. 

Dear clients you can follow this link to our online store (furmaehair.com).

(All sales are final, No Refunds, Exchanges or Returns on Hair & Product's once ordered
  Thank You!!!