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 7even28ight Brands company is a great place to shop for unique beauty accessories, hair & products for yourself, family or friends. Here you can shop  our exclusive beautiful Fur'Mae Hair Collection, Kash.K- Eyelash Collection or Lady April Hair Care Products and more. I April Lady A. am a  proud owner of an black owned, award winning, appointment based salon named  Lady A's Braids & Weaves Hair Studio LLC, which is a full service studio that specializes in hair weaving and braiding, catering to our clients hair needs. We are located outside of Houston Texas in the Humble area. I saw an immediate need for my family, friends & clients to have direct access to better quality services along with safer  hair and skin care products that actually work. So I started my own research & my hair care  product line" Lady April '' was born. Shortly after, Lady April then extended into skin and body care to help clients like myself who have sensitive skin. Thanks to God and my family support, my lines are a great success today!  My dream was stretched further as I always wanted to have a small store. I decided to set up the 7even28ight brand boutique as a  small part of Lady A's Hair studio! The boutique  store name represents who I am and the strong women before me! 7even 28ight brands will also represent the  music artistry side of me in some items. Our brand is strength, unity, self care, love & wholeness which every 7even28ight brand item is. My Husband & daughters are a huge part of who I am and contribute to the wonderful success of every product made or sold for Lady April and 7even28ight brands, I couldn't do this without them! I choose to use Seven because it represents completeness and we will not present anything to our customers until we know it's right for you. The number 28 is me  personally, my  date of birth. I wanted a store that had a personality similar to me, uniquely different like the spelling with numbers, so that's how  it all came together! Not to mention, the number 28, is known to represent a new beginning, which to me, everyday we live starts a new beginning! I'm so happy that God allows me to create and present new ideas and great products in hair, body & fashion accessory items along with other quality brands we will host to be sold here in our store. Everything sold on this site and in store I truly have a passion for! I'm honored that I have the opportunity to share them online now and I welcome everyone to our store and I know you're sure to find something you'll love & enjoy as myself and my family have!!!

"Remember"-  Your Always on Time , Even When Your Late....

That's the beauty of 7even28ight!!!

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(8 Hair Care Tips for Fur'Mae Hair Extensions & Caring for your Natural Hair )

1. Brush out the hair gently before washing. Brush softly to remove any tangles.
2. Sweat, Dirt  and sticky  products can cause tangles, you should  Always wash your hair regularly with a Rich Moisture Shampoo n conditioner (Try Lady April Brand. ) 
3. Rinse with cool water when it is finished, then air dry  bundles or wig on mannequin head to keep it's natural shape. Do Not Brush curly hair When its fully Wet.
4. Gently brush the hair with a soft-bristled brush or a wide-tooth comb for preventing tangles after washing.
5. Spray the hair with leave-in conditioner , We recommend  Our Lady April  moisture growth Leave in  or  a similar light conditioner or silicon spray to help your hair stay Tangle-Free and moisturized.  We recommend using a heat protectant on your bundles and natural hair when needed to protect from heat styling and sun damage. Remember Lady April's Amethyst oil works great for protection, adds shine and helps to tame frizzy hair.  Our oil is a very thin light oil and a little of this product goes a long way!
6. Tie your hair up with a scarf or bonnet , This can be done before sleeping or exercising. 
7. In Between wearing any protective styling, it is imperative to get deep conditioning treatments and trims when needed. Also keep up your water and vitamins!  
8.  Remember to treat and keep your natural hair moisturized and scalp oiled, while wearing any protective style such as wigs, weaves or braids , it's imperative to drink plenty of water and take your vitamins!  

Our Fur'Mae Hair Collection is 100% Unprocessed Natural Virgin Human Hair with cuticles in the same direction to prevent tangles, our hair has very minimal to no shedding. You can add Color Dye, Bleach, and it's Perm Safe. Guaranteed to last  most people 10 months to a year or longer  with proper care.

NOTE: FUR'MAE longer length bundles 26in-30in  & closure pricing must be placed by special order only. Our Fur'Mae Platinum Wig Collection will  only be available for  in store purchases at this time.  contact 7even 28ight Brands by email:

(All sales are final, No Refunds, Exchanges or Returns on Hair & Product's once ordered
 Thank You!!!

Our all exclusive Fur'Mae Wig Collection is one of the unique bonuses to our Fur'Mae Hair Collection. Down below are some sample videos of our Beautiful Fur'Mae Wigs which only can be purchased by visiting our 7even 28ight Brand Store in person at Lady A's 
Contact 7even 28ight for  more details by email:
(All sales are final, No Refunds, Exchanges or Returns on Hair & Product's once ordered
  Thank You!!!

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