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We Are So Happy To Announce Our Full Hair Care Product Line 
"A Professional's Touch" 

We supply natural based hair care products that's (Botanical Plant Based Protein Catalyst) to deliver hair that's Soft, Resilient & Strong . Our products will leave your HAIR BEAUTIFUL!!! Our products are Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, 100% animal friendly and guaranteed to promote hair growth, when used properly. Lady April has a moisture shampoo and conditioner which has coconut milk added, this creates a strong barrier around the hair shaft to prevent breakage and the sunflower seed extract provides UV & UVB protection helping to preserve radiant color in your clean and moisturized hair.! Our Volume shampoo & conditioner is wonderful  it has benefits of Quinoa protein which penetrates the hair shaft plumping each strand to its maximum fullness and Bentonite clay which also plumps, strengthens and protects hair, so if you want to pump up the volume in your hair try Lady April's volume shampoo n conditioner!  Lady April's moistur- growth leave in Conditioner is the absolute BEST HANDS DOWN!!! It leaves the hair amazingly soft and works  by strengthening  the hair, preventing build up, stimulating the scalp all while adding a Moisturized Glow.  Our Everyday Miracle Treatment is one of our Top Sellers for over all protection  & it even protects your hair from Sun Damage!!! Clients will be truly amazed with our Lady April Amethyst Oil, very light and a little goes a Long Way!!! Our oil helps as a heat protector before blow drying or flat ironing. As a bonus Lady April's  Amethyst  oil also helps  to tame Fly Away's & Frizz, not to mention the Lasting Shine!!! Lady April Also  has a new stimulating minty-growth oil which works wonders for  adding oil to your scalp to prevent dryness, itching and it really promotes growth! Trust me you wont regret trying this oil while wearing protective styles, especially sew in's and wigs!

I cant forget Lady April's 3-N-1 In Control Holding Spray. It's the only Holding Spray you'll need!!! You control the level of spray you need weather it's light, medium or heavy. 3-N-1 is so cool and it works!!! The full line provides Nourishment, Moisture, Volume and uses (Bio Mineral Technology) for precise dosage of Minerals and Protein our hair truly needs.

Lady April"s "A Professional Touch" is designed to achieve beautiful results. Our products are NATURAL and we love the fact that it's Not too Greasy. Lady April products are Light Weight and Penetrates Deeply into the Hair Follicles instead of just sitting on top of the hair not providing any nourishment like other products. It's time to make the right choice for your hair TODAY!!! Lady April's Product's are #1 being that its a Product that clients can Trust, See and Feel!!!                             

Purchase The Full Line and SAVE!!!

(Our products can also be purchased individually depending on your specific need, however it's best to use the Full Line to see awesome lasting results!!!)  

These products can be found  Exclusively , At Lady A's Braids & Weaves Hair Studio



 Trim / Color Rinse Only      Dread Maintenance        Lemonade Braid Styles        Two Strand Twist   Goddess Braid     Sew In Hair Weaves   Flat Iron / Light Styling        Quick Weave             Senegalese Twist      Conditioning Treatment           Kinky Twist         Natural Hair        Feed In Braids     Fulani Braids       Crochet/Braids- Weave      Cornrows         Box Braids        Mohawk Braids       Ghana Cornrow      Passion Twist               

ALL HAIR TYPES: Black / Caucasian / Hispanic Any Texture Welcome!!!

Other Products/ Items Available In Our Studio

B&B Hair Products: such as (Pump It Up) extra hold hair spray and (Olive Oil Sheen Spray). 

ALSO AVAILABLE: Satin Caps , Hair Ties, Lotion and other beauty products.

Soda/ Coffee,Drinks: FREE for all clients (Being Serviced Only

Candy machine & Water Machine available. 

Hair Jewels/strings are NOW offered FREE of charge if desired !


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