WHY WE ARE #1 ? and different from many other braiding studios..

  WE INCLUDE SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONING IN OUR BRAIDING AND WEAVING SERVICES ..WE ALSO PROVIDE DEEP HAIR CONDITIONING TREATMENTS TO PREVENT BREAKAGE If NEEDED. WE USE EXTRA CARE WHEN BRAIDING TO AVOID EXCESSIVE PULLING ESPECIALLY AROUND EDGES. AT Lady A's We Make Sure your hair is moisturized properly and healthy enough for certain services. WE Work Patiently with Children So Parents can feel comfortable leaving them while their being serviced in our studio.  We Are Honest About our work,  we use our own Natural professional hair care products. And we Pride ourselves in keeping Our studio and supplies  clean and sterilized properly according to state board practices. We are mostly appointment based hair studio which helps prevent overbooking and rushing, We do our best to prevent long waiting periods, and if time permits we will accept walk ins at Lady A's, not to mention.. WE Believe in WHAT WE DO AND WE"RE JUST DOWN TO EARTH, FUN SPIRITED PEOPLE that willTakePRIDE in YOUR HAIR!  "ENOUGH SAID. " switch to LADY A's & become a part of the "A" Team!!

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 We do charge a $30 non-refundable deposit for kinky twist, box braid, and Senegalese appointments. if you cancel your appointment you will NOT receive your deposit back under any circumstances. The deposits are put in place in case of a cancellation or no show. It does not matter if you cancel ahead of time. AS LONG AS YOU KEEP YOUR APPOINTMENT IT WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM YOUR TOTAL THE DAY OF YOUR SERVICE. We use the deposit because of the time frame that is blocked out for your appointment (sometimes between 4-6hrs). In the case you cancel it causes our stylist to miss out on work that could have been booked on the day that was held for you.  There's clients that was told we were booked that could have had that appointment time. So that fee goes to that stylist to cover a loss of work that day, which is nothing compared to the work amount missed. We get high call volumes for braid appointments, and for longer services  *TIME IS VERY IMPORTANT. We want to respect every clients time and stick to the set schedule.  In an event to where  there's  a problem on our part and our stylist wasn't available for a client's  appointment , then we will gladly  refund your deposit back and fix the problem in that case. We do our best to keep appointments set and respect our clients time so we ask that clients also respect ours and respect our policy..UNDERSTAND that you placing a deposit assures us that your serious about keeping your appointment. Please make sure you understand this before booking your appointment.. THIS IS OUR POLICY.. NO REFUNDS on DEPOSITS OR SERVICES OR PRODUCTS PURCHASED AT THE STUDIO. Thanks Lady A.

 We Welcome All existing clients and new clients to sign up for our  VIP CARD! .. Its only $25 to sign up and the card can be used the same day you sign up! when you become a part of the A- Team You will save 5% on all product sales in our studio & receive 10% on any service! sign up & you'll see its more affordable to look great! Stop by our studio for  more details..

*NOTE: This price list is accurate some pricing can be adjusted depending on detail in some braiding styles. Please note these prices do include hair.

Note: Again, Yes! hair is NOW included in the braid prices below! At this time we only carry 100% kanekalon afro beauty collection braiding hair.. mostly used for our cornrow services and Afrelle brand, Xtreme or Xpressions kanekalon hair for our senegalese twist & box braids services. We also carry afro beauty marley hair for kinky twist. * If clients choose to bring in their own hair we will deduct $10 from the service price. *this only applies to sene. twist, kinky twist, box braids, single braid services only. Cornrow prices are set and can not be lowered if you decide to bring your own hair. The colors below is what we have at this time. more colors will be coming in soon. 

#1 B darker black, 

#2. more of a natural black

 #4 Brown

 #30 light auburn  & #27 Blonde

* off the track hair used for freestyle braids is not supplied at this time but we are working on having it available for clients asap. *We will not carry different types of crochet hair. clients will need to bring hair for the type of crochet style their requiring. 

Cornrow braid prices

Kids- front half braided Or twisted with the back half curled or straight $40 Ladies -$50

   Kids-straight down braids $50 w/extensions 

LADIES /TEENS med. straight down $55&up for

Medium-sized  w/ extension...mid back length okay. 

Ladies Smaller parting straight Cornrow braids $85&up

Kids smaller cornrow straight braids $60&up

Kid Ponytails medium size parts $55*

Kid Smaller parts ponytail $65&up)

Ladies cornrow ponytail/ bun medium parts $70

Ladies regular cornrow smaller parts up do/bun $85&up

Kids 2 ponytail medium-sized- $70&up

kid three ponytail cornrow style med. Sec. $75&up (vary depending on style)

Kid two layers w/ extensions $70& up

 depends also on sizing, length

  Kid Straight down, With own hair $45&up 

2 layers with own hair $65 based on med. Sections

 KIDS/ 2  Regular  or  Inward goddess French braids ages 4-10 yrs $45

  KIDS/ 3-4 Regular or  Inward French Braids $55

KIDS/ 2 NATURAL START BRAIDS- $60  3-4 Natural start- $70


 LADIES/  2 Goddess crown , regular, or  inward  braids- $55

LADIES 3-4  large goddess or Inward  braids $65 

 Natural start/ feed in method Braids (added strand for strand ) 2 braids $65

 3-4  Natural start / feed in braids $75  

5-6 Natural start/ feed in  $85 

 *With Any type of designs including skinny braids in the middle, or stitch pattern we can add between $15-$20 but it all depends on the picture and how much detail is done in the braids. PRICES DO VARY WITH CORNROWS


Ladies  Med.  straight  back Ghana cornrow braids- start at $75.. 

 up do Ghana braids /starting at $85

Kid Ghana Cornrows straight back- $65&up up do- $75

Bantu knot set- $55

Bantu twist knot set- $65

Two strand twist-$65

Finger coil- $65-$75 

Ladies Wanting Cornrow braid down services only - Not including extensions

1- 4 braids $25 

5-7 braids $35

Basic Straight back 8-10 braids $40

Beehive circle braid down- $45

"If you require us to add extension hair to your braid down. an extra  $5- $10 can be added to above prices

Men/Boys- Straight backs- 1- 6 big braids-$25

Regular straight back -up to 10 braids-$40

Regular straight back- up to 12 braid Extra Short hair.. Men/boys Designs $65 & up *depends on design details 

Fish bone braids-  $75 & up depending on detail prices can vary.

Men individual braids or up do braiding (own hair)- $75&up

 (shampoo/ condition always  included..unless client decline ) 

Add beads- free up to 4 beads per braid. over that we charge$5 flat fee

Dread touch up services- ranges from $65,$75 or $85 price could vary depending on the size of your dreads and the condition  of the client's hair. *Actual price will be confirmed in studio before stylist starts service.Usually if you have smaller dread partings your price will start at $85. Larger ones starts at $65 and kids are $55..

Faux Locs - individually wrapped med. size/ shoulder length $270

Longer lengths-$320 this style is time consuming so time varies and also depend on clients head size..call for more detail.

Ladies Other Cornrow services                                

Mohawk braids- w extensions ( kids $65 &up)   (ladies/guys  $75&up) with your own hair $60/ $70 medium size sections (price will be a little higher if you request smaller cornrows )

Ladies medium parts- Two layer Cornrow w/extensions  -$90&up

Ladies med. two layers cornrow w/ top braids close together no parts $155

For straight cornrows at top and 3-4 rows of individuals at bottom med. starts at $175 price varies on this style depending on detail on cornrow sizes *

FREE STYLE BRAIDS-  $200    * does not include hair


Ladies/Teens -  Big box sections $180 

 shoulder  or bra strap length okay

 BOX BRAID short BOB Style med.sections

 Starting $185&up

 (Medium size sections) Box braids -$210

(bra strap length or mid back is okay) 

Medium sized box braids in the back w/cornrows  across the front half starts at$190 bra strap length 

Small box braids, partings - $240 bra strap length/mid back length 

For smaller Single  braids- braided all the way down to ends.. long length.$310

Small single braids/***(single braids are not the same as box braids, they are individual braids but you can not see much of the box shape, the section of hair don't show the same as the box braids. And usually takes more time to get done approx.7- 8 hrs. but time varies depending on each clients own hair, head size*.) 

Big Kid Box Braids Prices ages 7-10 

Big partings box braids/  shoulder length, mid back- $ 165&up

 (Little KID  BOX BRAID PRICES Ages 4-6 $130)

Medium partings box braids/ shoulder or mid back length $180

 ( AGE  4-6 yrs med.$160)

SMALLER section box braids- $195* 

(Age 4-6 yrs  smaller sections $180)

YES!!! Hair is included in cornrow, box braids & twist services... You can order hair for sew ins under our ladyaweave.mayvenn tab, We do not supply the hair for freestyle or crochet styles  at this time.. sorry for the inconvenience 

 Deposits are required to hold spots for most braiding service appointments such as box braids,Single braids & Twist.


Girls kinky twist- 4-10 yrs $160 med size) Smaller $175&up 

Kinky Twist up do style cornrow/ mo hawk style with some individual twist down middle) $150&up  depends on size



Smaller kinky Twist- $200

Havana Twist- $180 usually bigger twist bigger sectioning.. not small but uses more hair.


Ladies Senegalese Twist/ Start at $200 medium size partings/ pass bra strap length long is okay

 Smaller sectioning & Smaller twist $240 this length is pass bra strap mid- lower back they are long

Half cornrows in front/ individual sen.twist back - starts at $190 med size price varies

Depending on the detail of the style and size of cornrows desired at the top. The price $190 applies if you want the style medium-sized all around. Please discuss with stylist or receptionist and send pictures for exact pricing.

note: WITH THICKER TWIST keep in mind that SOME CLIENTS TEND TO EXPERIENCE FRIZZ FASTER THAN WITH SMALLER TWIST, DEPENDING ON HAIR TEXTURE , Activities, personal up KEEP ,TIME before touch ups MAY VARY FROM CLIENT TO CLIENT. SENEGALESE TWIST CAN BE MORE DELICATE THAN SINGLE BRAIDS, BOX BRAIDS AND KINKY TWIST. Braids tend to hold up longer! Clients please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee your hair wont frizz especially if it's natural... we will do the style professionally but after clients leave the studio and is satisfied with their service there could be any incident that someone could be involved in regards to their hair service, the way you sleep or swimming activities etc, we have no way of knowing what someone do after service, so we will not be responsible. All questions or concerns need to be addressed with the stylist before and after service... we will ALWAYS do our best to assist all clients. Also note that Senegalese Twist can be started with a braid for added security. And will last longer,Thank you!

Girls 4-10 yrs med. sen.twist $175

smaller sections $185


Kid touch up $75 if they were not done at our salon $85 &Up*

Touch up includes take down around perimeter shampoo and conditioner, re installing.

Adult touch up Prices $85 

 Work that wasn't done at lady A's  start at $95 & up* depending on the size you have and how they have been kept up* Some conditions may require total redo.


Jr. High Students sew in Prices start at $90 you must let stylist know that you are a student and bring student I.D to your appointment. It's only $90 if hair is being left out at top and perimeter. This price is Not for full sew ins. If client request only a little hair out that will be considered as full sew in. And student full sew in price is $140 These prices is for sewing in 2 to 2 1/2 bundles only

 (  ladies Natural look- Sew In-) $125( details: perimeter of your own hair left out and a small u-shape at the top for more of a natural look / using 2 bags,or bundles of hair only ( includes shampoo condition, braid down/ oil included w/basic styling.

 (If client request small amount of leave out, that will be considered as a full sew in price)

Ladies Full sew in- $150 (all hair BRAIDED DOWN using 2- 1/2 bundles or bags of hair, includes shampoo condition n  basic styling.  This full sew in is very nice protective style but has more of an illusion part method.

Ladies full  sew in with closure piece_ $175 All hair braided down and closure helps to give actual look of natural parting without leaving your own hair out. Looks great and gives versatility ...

 When adding a full 3rd bundle to any sew in service it will be an extra charge of $10

Top QUALITY FULL FRONTAL SEW IN  - $ 275 installation only... this sew in takes more time to customize the frontal and smaller braiding technique is used  along with other methods for a  more natural looking beautiful sew in.. This is a perfect option for clients suffering from hair loss in the front or thinning edges , or someone not wanting to leave out their own natural hair  but still have the option of parting their hair in different ways.. also gives deeper  side parting options  or  the option of pulling it straight back not to mention just protecting your natural hair! This sew in can be sewn down  or glued down in the front if needed. I recommend sewing but consultations are best before booking this appointment to see whats best for each client. 

 CROCHET WEAVES - $135&up ( Crochet hair  is not available.) To make hair Extra full $145

Crochet Braids/ Box Braids, Twist or DREADS $125

Quick weave service- bonding with cap/ natural look with leave out $65

27 piece- $75

After 6 weeks Re tighten tracks /sew in up keep.. with shampoo blow dry,oil and style -$55

Deep condition only $35 ..w/ style its $25

To shampoo, blow dry,oil scalp and  do a quick styling to sew in/ weave $45

Looking to add length or volume? Then maybe Single Extensions will be your best choice!

Single Extensions - $25 a  row, bottom rows can be doubled if client desires without extra charge* ask stylist for details

*Clients may choose to add only 2-3 tracks each individual is different. With this method  there's a small braid across the head , then the weft is sewn to the braid, then a section of  the clients hair is left out between each track which gives a nice natural look! ) styling is extra $10

Fusion Hair Extensions - $235&up to add some length volume to hair


Includes shampoo/condition blow dry, oil

Cornrows $15.... others work $25

Crochet take down $25 others work $35

kinky twist/ Senegalese - $55.... Others work $75&up

Box braids- med.$60 -$70 big box take dwn..$45-$55 others work not done at lady a's- $80&up

Sew In $15 Others work $25&up

Freestyle/Single braids small- $80 others work $95 Our take down services do includes detangle , shampoo,  conditioner and blow dry.

Note:: want to give each client the best treatment possible. So i am asking that all clients show up on time for your appointment.  please call if running late. If your behind time by 10 min. and no call , your appointment will be considered cancelled. 

 Slots feel fast so call now to get in !      

No Refunds or exchanges on hair products,hair weave or Hair services.


Please Please Understand..

If you have any problem with your hair service we will love to correct it, you must bring this to the stylist attention before leaving the studio. We will do our best to work with any client regarding a hair service or issue. Anything can happen after clients leave the salon so we are not responsible for your hair after you leave.. We stand behind our work and we know the quality of our work. Any reasonable issue will be looked at or may be adjusted with no problem..if we feel an era was made on our part.  *Please address all your concerns regarding your hair or any issue with stylist or owner asap, If you state that your "satisfied" before leaving.. then that's what we go by.. If you ask for small braids that's what we will do, if you want medium that's what we will do..if you leave and decide you want a different size that's not our fault. We will do what you ask and confirm the size before starting on your hair. Our sizing may vary from other salons so be sure to ask us about our sizing we will be glad to show you before starting so there's no issues!  I will always do my best to help in any way that I can. PLEASE Look over our work before booking at our salon we have pics here for you.. Also If you would like to see other updated work follow us on instagram ladyabraidsandweaves .. If you like what you see please reach out and we will love to assist you..If Not We hope you find the right place for you. Thanks 






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Men cornrow designs . Nice And Neat!

 Girls Medium sized kinky Twist safely done, not too tight, moisturized hair to prevent breakage. Baby hairs not pulled.. Looks Nice!

 Little girl braided style below is two layers , ponytail at top and straight down in the back.


 Medium sized box braids( Kids) No Breakage Nice Healthy Edges!!

 Lady in white below, Example of Medium to large  Box braids, long length.

 Brandy is shown here with smaller box partings! Very Nice Protective style! Don't Forget To use Leave in Conditioner with braids! Lady A's

 Janet box braid partings are also considered small to med.

 These braids are considered singles/individuals, because you cannot see the shape of boxes at all!

 This Picture below is also an example of single braids. Notice the size is small and you do not see a box shape like box braids at the top.

 Hair we use for braiding,Twist. we only carry dark solid colors at this time . 1b,#2 ,#4 all other colors clients will need to provide.